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Full automatic oil-water separator

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  • Class: Oil-water separation equipment
  • Specification:   Full automatic oil-water separator
  • Brand:   ZHONGYING
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Brief introduction of automatic oil-water separator
Automatic oil-water separator is our company independently design the most advanced patented technology products, the device is composed of a solid crush zone, oil-water separation and oil collecting device. Solid grinding installation of double reamer non blocking cutting device used for grinding the solid matter in the waste water, the precipitation in the level of sand bucket discharged from the vent pipe, with the water inflow of the oil-water separation zone of fine particles or sediment in two sand hopper sedimentation under gravity discharge from the vent pipe. In a micro bubble generator can produce a large number of micro bubbles, fine and uniform oil-water separation bubble, covering the entire water section, and the water does not appear in the waste water cyclone, oil device with micro bubbles to the surface, the water and oil layer (pool on the glass mirror can clearly see the product). The particle size above 60um can be oil
Technical features of automatic oil-water separator
1, modular design, convenient transportation and installation.
2, fully sealed structure, no odor discharge, can keep the building clean sanitation.
3, equipped with a fully automatic controller, the device body for real-time monitoring, equipment debugging and installation can be achieved unattended state.
4, equipment, sewage discharge time interval can be set, during the discharge of oil slag without interruption of operation, the whole process automatically
5, equipped with the electronic lock barrel, real-time monitoring of the oil quantity controller.
6, the equipment of the high concentration of oil, recyclable.
7, equipment equipped with constant temperature heating system.
8. The oil separator is equipped with an ozone generator, the ozone is used to disinfect the bacteria in the sewage by the aeration device of the automatic oil-water separator, and the content of COD, BOD and SS in the water can be reduced.



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