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Stainless steel sewage lifting equipment

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  • Class: Sewage lifting equipmen
  • Specification:   Sewage lifting equipment
  • Brand:   ZHONGYING
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Stainless steel sewage lifting equipment:
    Stainless steel sewage lifting equipment is a sewage pump, water tank, pipeline, valve, liquid level meter and electrical control devices, such as highly integrated sewage discharge system. The utility model is mainly used for the discharge of waste water and the discharge of the waste water from the sewage pipe and the sanitation facilities below the sewer level or the municipal sewage pipe network. Integrated sewage lifting device is a highly integrated wastewater discharge system. It consists of a sewage pump, a water collecting tank, a pipeline, a valve, a liquid level meter and an electric control device. It is through the waste water tank below the level of the sewer collection or away from the municipal sewer sewage pipe and sanitation emissions, and will enhance its body and pumping to the city sewage system in a variety of interface options, vertical interface, interface level, connected to the pump, water inlet pipe, vent pipe and parallel set water tank.
Stainless steel sewage lifting equipment features
1, advanced technology, structural optimization;
2, can be customized 304/316 stainless steel materials;
3, no precipitation, no dig clear, not blocked;
4, airtight no smell, environmental health;
5, equipment adopts a new design concept, covers an area of more traditional sewage treatment equipment is greatly reduced, can effectively save the space station;
6, closed sewage lifting device complete supply of users, the site simply assembled equipment, simple installation;
7, do not need to build underground sewage pool, no need to take measures to prevent leakage, saving investment;
8, the equipment adopts advanced programmable control technology and remote communication technology, with the fault cast, timing rotation and other practical functions;
9, the equipment can be equipped with various forms of remote monitoring interface to facilitate unified monitoring.



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