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Complete sets of sewage lifting equipment is how to stand out in the industry


Complete sets of sewage lifting equipment is how to stand out in the industry

With the establishment of new water treatment facilities in our country, it is urgent to seek the water treatment technology with low cost, small occupation area, high energy consumption and high efficiency. However, the traditional water treatment technology, which is represented by the drainage of sewage pump, has many problems, such as large area, high investment and operation cost, long process flow and so on.
In this regard, the whole set of sewage lifting equipment manufacturers - win water has begun to improve the technology and process from different angles. Among them, the sewage treatment process from water to become a choice. In this paper, a new concept of energy saving is put forward, which can improve the processing capacity, save land and reduce the amount of sewage.
A complete set of sewage lifting equipment is a highly integrated wastewater discharge system. It consists of a sewage pump, a water collecting tank, a pipeline, a valve, a liquid level meter and an electric control device. The utility model is a waste water which is collected by the water collecting tank in the sewer level or is away from the sewage pipe and the sanitary facilities of the municipal sewage pipe network, and is lifted and pumped into the urban sewage disposal system. The water collecting box body of the integrated sewage lifting device is provided with a plurality of interface choices, which comprises a vertical interface and a horizontal interface.
Complete sets of sewage lifting equipment features
1, advanced technology, structural optimization;
2, can be customized 304/316 stainless steel materials;
3, no precipitation, no dig clear, not blocked;
4, airtight no smell, environmental health;
5, equipment adopts a new design concept, covers an area of more traditional sewage treatment equipment is greatly reduced, can effectively save the space station;
6, closed sewage lifting device complete supply of users, the site simply assembled equipment, simple installation;
7, do not need to build underground sewage pool, no need to take measures to prevent leakage, saving investment;
8, the equipment adopts advanced programmable control technology and remote communication technology, with the fault cast, timing rotation and other practical functions;
Changsha win water equipment Co., Ltd. is a research and development, production, sales and application technology for the integration of environmental protection enterprises, mainly to undertake the full automatic water supply equipment, integrated sewage lifting equipment and engineering design, installation, commissioning, equipment manufacturing all in one service.
Products are widely used in chemical industry, food, textile, electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, coal, municipal and other industries, for domestic and foreign environmental protection projects provide a lot of quality products and services.  
Changsha win water supply equipment Co., Ltd. has been to follow the "people oriented, quality first" first person to do things, to ensure that the majority of users to provide quality products and good after-sales service.

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