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Water supply equipment industry: change the government to stimulate the green China


Water supply equipment industry: change the government to stimulate the green China

    Water supply equipment industry planning mainly around the development of "innovation, harmony, green, open and sharing" five topics to discuss "the development idea of the country during the 13th Five-Year". Among them, green development involves: promoting the harmonious coexistence between man and nature; to speed up the construction of the main functional areas; to promote low carbon development; comprehensive conservation and efficient use of resources; intensify environmental control; build a strong ecological security barrier.
    To speed up the construction of the main functional areas, natural resource assets outgoing audit: leading cadres to "divide" ecological function to coordinate the relationship between development and environment will become the basic idea of national development in the future, for the environmental protection industry, the construction of the main functional areas indicates that the market of environmental protection industry and industrial accumulation, the scale effect will emerge. "Leading cadres of natural resource assets outgoing audit" is the real change of leading cadres performance appraisal, the key is the political economy Chinese local government promotion incentive driven economic development, likewise, all reforms are starting from the local government incentives, environmental indicators into the assessment of environmental governance system reform in 13th Five-Year is the most important power. The source is the most important to the development of environmental protection industry.
    To promote the low carbon development cycle, the implementation of water supply equipment enterprises circulation type production, industrial circulating type combination, park cyclic Transformation: maximize the use of resources to form a cycle of development, formed a one-stop processing for solid waste in the park, to achieve a good resource and innocuous waste, 13th Five-Year will be widely used and promotion.
    Comprehensive conservation and efficient use of resources, implement the most stringent water management system, establish and improve the energy use rights, water rights, emission rights, carbon emission rights initial allocation system: the price of water, sewage treatment fee and included the sludge treatment cost to rise is the future trend, for Water Service Company, the income will be more secure. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of the quality of water for urban residents, the water industry chain technology updates, equipment updates have a huge space. In the system of trading environment tax and carbon emissions for 13th Five-Year through system construction and innovation, to clarify the environmental rights and the ownership of the right resources in the future, these rights can lead to more financial demand. During the 13th Five-Year market of emission rights trading will rapidly rise, the futures market will also appear.
Increase the intensity of environmental governance, to improve environmental quality as the core, the implementation of the provincial environmental protection supervision and law enforcement agencies to monitor the vertical management system: Taking the quality as the core is to effect oriented, the effect of the measurement and correction are established on the basis of environmental monitoring. The implementation of the provincial environmental protection agencies to monitor and supervise the implementation of vertical management system, but also the implementation of environmental indicators into the premise of performance assessment. During 13th Five-Year, environmental monitoring from the index increased (VOCs and heavy metals), extension (air, water to soil) and regional extension (prefecture level city to the county-level administrative units), spatial expansion (surface to underground and air) to achieve incremental breakthrough in four directions.
    To build a strong ecological security barrier, the implementation of ecological protection and landscape forest lake restoration project, river basin remediation system: basic coverage in the pollution of the city as the "point" after 13th Five-Year will be inter regional linkage in the form of governance implementation of rivers and lakes, land and other cross regional, inter basin "surface". "Governance effect" governance of the "point" will further increase, but the "surface" governance facing the main responsibility and benefit division of the main difficulties, leading to the current governance model is not clear, to be further explored by 13th Five-Year. ".

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