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Favorable factors affecting the development of high frequency and constant pressure water supply industry in the future


Favorable factors affecting the development of high frequency and constant pressure water supply industry in the future

Energy saving and emission reduction and low carbon economy in high frequency constant pressure water supply industry
In the process of the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction measures, China will purchase a large number of energy saving and environmental protection technology and equipment, which will be the introduction of a large number of foreign advanced technology and equipment, only a building energy-saving, Chinese had a about 200000000000 dollar investment potential. At present, the proportion of building energy consumption in China has risen from 10% in 70s to about 27.8%." China has become the world's most potential energy-saving emission reduction market. In April 1, 2008, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress revised the "People's Republic of China energy conservation" started, clearly stipulates that "the State implements the energy conservation target responsibility system and energy-saving evaluation system, the completion of energy-saving targets as to the local people's government and the person in charge of the evaluation content, to further increase the country's efforts to promote energy-saving environmental protection industry. January 2009 National Development and Reform Commission held an emergency meeting, the deployment of the implementation of the new 100 billion yuan investment in the central government. To further expand domestic demand and promote steady and rapid economic growth. Additional 100 billion yuan central investment will be mainly used to protect the livelihood of the people, rural and transportation and other public infrastructure as well as energy conservation and ecological construction, of which 12 billion yuan to accelerate energy-saving emission reduction and ecological construction projects.
High frequency constant pressure water supply industry for environmental protection and health standards
According to the "State Council on strengthening the city water supply and water pollution prevention and control work notice" (the [2000]36), the requirements of good city water supply, water saving and water pollution prevention and control work, and adhere to both open source and throttle priority, pollution control oriented, scientific and open source, comprehensive utilization principle, provide safe and reliable water supply and good water environment for city construction and economic development, the sustainable utilization of water resources, sustainable development of City Economic and social support and protection.
(3) stainless steel high frequency constant pressure water supply pump industry as a new product, the use of new materials and new technology of the comprehensive advantages of high-level stainless steel inverter constant pressure water supply industry segments, is a typical application of transformation of traditional industries in the pump industry new technology, represents the future direction of development of the pump manufacturing. This has become the consensus of the industry enterprise and industry experts. Because of the use of stainless steel instead of cast iron, the use of stamping welding process instead of the traditional casting process, stainless steel stamping welding centrifugal pump compared with the traditional casting centrifugal pump, has the following significant advantages:
A, high efficiency, energy saving
High frequency variable frequency constant pressure water supply pump is a large energy consumption (20% of the country's electricity consumption is consumed by the pump), is a high energy consumption products, so the efficiency of the pump to improve energy efficiency is very significant. The core components of stainless steel stamping centrifugal pump made of stainless steel plate, with stamping, the channel is very smooth, high precision, high hydraulic efficiency, the pump efficiency can be more than about a similar traditional casting pump 10%, so the stainless steel high frequency constant pressure water supply pump to replace the traditional casting pump, has the profound significance to our country's energy saving. In June 22, 2010, the issuer vertical light multistage pump (QDL Series) passed the China Quality Certification Center certification, won the "China energy saving product certification", certificate number: CQC10701047191. QDL series of products listed in the Ministry of Finance and the national development and Reform Commission announced in July 2010, "government procurement list of energy-saving products" (eighth).
B, safety, health
With the development of people's life, the water purification technology and to enhance awareness of environmental protection, the traditional casting pump because of two pollution has been unable to meet the various needs of the people, while the stainless steel high frequency constant pressure water supply pump all contact with the media of all parts of the standard stainless steel manufacturing SUS304 material, so the products of environmental protection and health, no pollution to medium. In addition, in view of the special requirements of food and pharmaceutical industry, stainless steel sanitary pump also has the advantages of no dead angle in the pump cavity, not easy to scale in the gap, harmful bacteria, easy disassembly, easy cleaning and so on.
C, low noise, environmental protection
As the forming welding of sheet metal stamping, die steels which high frequency constant pressure water supply pump impeller core components, high precision, good balance, stability can keep running, so when the pump is running small vibration, low noise.
D, material, lightweight
Compared with the traditional casting centrifugal pump, with all the key components of thin-walled stainless steel top frequency constant pressure water supply pump, the equivalent weight of similar casting pump 1/3 1/8, thus greatly saves material, and saves space. The surface can be polished and other treatment methods, the appearance of bright and clean.
E, long service life
Stainless steel high frequency constant pressure water supply pump is mainly made of stainless steel SUS304 material, can also according to user requirements, using stainless steel SUS316, SUS316L suitable for conveying corrosive materials or other suitable materials for stamping process. Because the surface of stainless steel plate is compact, the product has good corrosion resistance and long service life.

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